Romance Movie Review

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Movie : Romance
Banner: Good Cinema Group , Maruthi Media House
Censor Rating: A
Release Date: 2nd August 3013
Cast: Prince, Dimple Chopde, Manasa
Director: Swamy
Music: Sai Karthik
Editor : J.Prabhakar Reddy
Cinematographer: S.B.Uddhav
Romance movie Review:

The story starts with Krishna (Prince) narrating his own story to a gangster who want to produce a movie. During his narration Krishna tells that he wants to be the first love to the girl with whom he wants to marry but when his friends tease him telling that now-a-days it is difficult to get such a girl, he wanted  to select two girls and test them. During this process he likes Lalitha (Manasa) and tests her and find’s out that she is not the girl he is searching for, then he comes across Auradha (Dimple) and likes her a lot and tests her and feels that she is the girl he is searching for. But during this process Aunradha becomes angry and breaks up with him and the gangster to whom he is narrating story is the brother of Lalitha and he wants Krishna to marry his sister. How does Krishna wins the heart of Anuradha and avoids marrying Lalitha should be watched on the silver screen.

Prince action was normal and the debutantes Dimple and Manasa were not up to the mark in both action and glamour. Director projected as if all the boys and girls think only to use each other to enjoy life. which gives a wrong message to the youth.

Bottom line: Love and youth were portrayed very cheaply.