S V Ranga Rao 95th Birth Anniverssary

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S-V-Ranga-raoS V Ranga Rao, Popularly known as S V R was born in a middle class family in nuzividu,Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh on 3rd July 1918. His schooling was at Madras(now Chennai).At a very early age he developed passion for stage acting.After finishing his graduation(Bsc) he got a job as an officer in Fire Service at Machilipatnam.At this stage of his life he was in two minds – Whether to go for higher studies or to enter in to the stage and film acting.At this juncture he was offered with a hero role in the film

Varoodhini through Mr.B V Ramanadham,his relative.He left the job and rushed for shooting at Salem.His dream for acting thus started.The movie Varoodhini was rated as an average movie and he could not get immediate offers for films.He left Madras and joined the accounts department in Tata Compny at Jamshedpur.His love for acting never sliped out of his thoughts.After a gap he was offered with a main villain role in the film Palletoori Pilla(an ANR-NTR starrer) but could not reach the film schedule in time due to the sudden demise of his father.B A Subba RAo the director of the movie gave him a small role in the film.Much awaited oppurtunity came to S V R in the form of role of Nepali Manthrikudu in the Film Pathala Bhairavi of Vijaya Pictures.He has impressed with best action in the film and became popular overnight with his dialogue”Sahasam cheyara dimbaka”.Then offers started flooding.
In the film “Mayabazar” he played the role of Ghatothkgaja.This film was a success at box-office.Then a social drama”Pellichesi Choodu.The role of “Keechaka” in the film Narthanasala made him an Internationaly popular actor with the award of Best Actor at International Film Festival at Jakarta.He is the first Indian actor getting an International award.His grade as a born actor multipled with his performace of Hiranyakasipudu in Bhaktha Prahlada and as Ravanasurudu in Bapu’s Sampoorna Ramayanam.Yet again he got the opportunity as Manthrikudu in the film Rahasyam produced by B S Ranga.He was suitable for any role with his heafty personality and delivered the action with ease and in his own free style.
He was at his best as caring and passionate father in the film Gundamma Katha.Carring brother,s role in Pandantikapuram.
Absent minded Lawers role in the movie Thodikodallu is simply superb.
As a grand father in the movies Bangaru Papa,Ramu and Thatha-Manavadu he has impressed one and all.He can be termed as the only self to fit in those roles.
His amazing performance in the role of blind major in the film Sukha Dhukhalu elevated him to the new hights in the telugu cinema.
He has given excellent performance in the role of diabetic father-inlaw in the film Nadi Adajanma.The film monagallaku Mongadu by Modern theaters elevated him to the new heights with his role Katthula Ratthayya.The dialogue “Katthula Ratthayya Pacchinetthuru Tragutha” of S V R is still remembered.
In the film Andaru Dongale A remake Of Hindi”Victoria 203” S V R delivered his best, out beating the star actor Asho Kumar who
Played the same role in Hindi version.Under his own Banner he has produced and directed 2 fims Chadarangam and Bandhavyalu,Both the films have won Nandi awards as best feature films in the years 1963 and 1964.He has also won the Film fare award(South) in the year 1963 in the best actor category for his action in Narthanasala.
This great actor died at an early age of 56 on 18th july 1974 due to cardiac arrest in Chennai.
It is quite surprising that this multitallanted great actor who ruled the telugu cinema for over 3 decades could not bag Honour
of Pamasri from Central Govt. or could not pocket Raghupathi Venkkaiah Award of the State govt.
Through this coloumn we salute this great actor from Tollywood.

Businessoftollywood.com thinks it is apt to remember this Great actor as  the celebrations of 100 years of Indian Cinema are on.