Sahasam Movie Review

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Sahasam Movie Review

Title : Sahasam
Release Date : 12.07.2013.
Genre : Action – Adventure
Banner :Sri Venkateswara Cine Chithra
Director : Chandrasekhar Yelleti
Producer : B V S N Prasad
Presented by : Reliance Entertainment
Cast : T Gopichand,Tapsee Pannu,Sakthi Kapoor,Ali
Music Director : Sri
Editor : Chandrasekhar
Cinematography : Shamdat
Story : Chandrasekhar Yelleti
Script prepared by : Chandrasekhar Yelleti,Prasanth Sagar and Suma Latha
Art : Ramakrishna of Andala Rakshasi fame.
Dialogues by : Radha Krishna
Costume Designer : Sameera
Costume designer for Tapsee :- Divya-Lipsa Jain
Censor Certificate : U/A
Screen : Sandhya 35mm, RTC Cross Roads (11:00 A.M Show).

Movie Duration : 158.51 minutes

Sahasam Movie Review :-

Tough the plot is routine, the story is presented in a pleasant manner with a strong screenplay.This movie, unlike other movies has more technical values like cinematography, back round music, editing and shot in many excellent locations.

The story is about Gautham (Gopichand) a security guard for a Bank ATM center. Gautham is very much interested for quick money to become rich. To fulfill his life ambition he purchases lottery tickets and purchase lucky lockets. CMS  Security bring cash to deposit in the ATM. Gautham invites all his neighboring children to show them a 1000 rupee note.Now enter robbers and loot the whole cash by injuring the security. Gautham is made responsible for the robbery by all TV Channel Reporters presenting this as Break News. Now Gautham Meets Srinidhi (Tapsee) who is a staunch believer in God Power. Here the story takes a turn. On a rainy day, When Gautham was relaxing in his house one bag falls down from the ceiling. He opens the bag and surprised to find a key and a diary of his grand father (Suman) which mention about a big treasure concealed in a Temple in Pakistan. Mean while the other part of the diary is in the hands of Villian, Sakthi Kapoor who is in search of the key to open the safe. Gautham along with Srinidhi also reach the temple. What happens next to be seen on the Silver screen. 

“Naadi Kaanidi koti roopayilaina sare naku avasaram ledu.naadi anedi ardha roopayayina poneeyanu” is the punch dialogue of Gopichand.

Gopichand performed the role in different pleasant style. Tapsee has no big role to play,but did justice to the given role. Ali as a guide to the lead pair acted well.

The screenplay and direction of Chandrasekhar Yelleti is impressive. The camera well handled by Shamdat. The graphics for the movie are the main added attraction. Music by Sri is routine but the background music is melodious.

Most of the Shooting was done at Ladakh and at other beautiful surroundings.

Bottom line :- This is a movie for all those interested in graphic art, cinematography and treasure hunt.

This is a once watch movie for all classes.

Rating:- 3/5