Savyasachi Movie Review

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Savyasachi Movie Review

Movie title:- Savyasachi
Banner:- Mythri Movie Makers
Release date:-02.11.2018
Censor rating:-“U/A”
Cast:- Naga Chaitanya, Nidhi Aggarwal, Rao Ramesh.Madhavan,Vennela Kishore, Bhumika,Sathya
Story:-Chandoo Mondeti
Screenplay:-Chandoo Mondeti
Dialogues:-Chandoo Mondeti
Directed by:- Chandoo Mondeti
Music:- M M Keeravani
Editing:-Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Fights/action:- Ram-Lakshman
Producers:- Naveen Yerneni,Mohan(CVM),Y.Ravi Shankar
Run Time:-163 minutes duration

Naga Chaitanya’s fresh movie ‘Savyasachi’ is in theaters from today.Naga Chaitanya has come up with a different style of action.Let us get in to the story to scale his latest role as a person suffering with Alien hand syndrome.


Vikram Aditya(Naga Chaitanya) is a student suffering with Alien hand syndrome,a disease with one of his hand acts as if it has a mind and not in the control of Vikram Whenever he is in happy mood or in stress the hand goes out of his control. He falls in love with his college mate Chitra(Nidhi Aggarwal),He goes away from her for six years due to an incident. Now a turn in his life with the death of his brother in law and his niece.His sister is severely injured.He understands that his brother in laws death is not accidental but is the brutal act of a person (Madhavan).Has the Alien hand syndrome was advantageous for Vikram to fight with Madhavan?Why he was away for 6 years from Chitra?How he saved his niece from Madhavan?Why Madhavan was after his family. Savyasachi movie will show how Vikram has solved the problems and won Chitra’s love.

Chandoo Mondeti and Naga Chaitanya are together with this movie after ‘Premam’.Chandoo Mondeti has taken a different subject with Alien hand syndrome disease. The starting is very interesting with the revelation of the peculiar disease clearly. Naga Chaitanya has done well in fights. Chandoo mondeti,the director has taken the same old revenge drama adding the Alien hand syndrome disease but not presented well in the celluloid.The concept is good but the on screen presentation could have been better.  He should have worked little more with his script.
Nidhi Aggarwal is glamorous but has to improve her acting skills. Madhavan excelled in the negative role he played.The rest of the actors have done justice to the roles they played.The music by Baahubali music director M M Keeravani is good especially the back ground score.Cinematography is good. Since the movie is from Mythri Movie Makers the production values are rich.

Naga Chaitanya is impressive with his new role and this can be seen once with families this weekend to know what the Alien hand syndrome disease is and how Chaithu presented it on screen.

Naga chaitanya
Music especially B G.


Little slow 2nd half