Singam 2 Movie Review

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Singam 2 Movie Review

Singam 2 Movie Review:

Movie: Singam 2
Banner :- Studio Green
Censor Rating :- ‘U’
Running Time  :-  2 hours and 47 minutes
Release Date: 5/7/2013
Cast: Surya, Anushka, Hansika
Director: Hari
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography :- Priyan
Editing :- V T Vijayan
Producer: S.Laxman, Kumar
Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

Review: Singam, the sequel of Yamudu is almost similar to Yamudu in everyway. It is an out and out action entertainer filled with a lot of masala through out. Surya remains to be the highlight of the movie playing the role of a cop exceptiionally well. The songs and the background music by Devi Sri Prasad which are very well done, add that special something to the movie. Anushka plays a glam doll appearing majorly only in the songs while Hansika plays a more important role. Comedy sequences by Santhanam are hilarious. While the first half is very engaging, the second half gets a little dragging.

Story: The movie starts off at the ending of Yamudu, where Narasimha(Surya), the cop pretends to retire from his career while working undercover on a mission to uncover the secret weapon smugglery that takes place in the city under the guidance of the home minister( Vijay Kumar). In the process, he encounters three dangerous criminals one of them being an international don and to take them down, formulates an operation, the Operation D. The rest of the movie will have us finding out if he will be successful in his mission.

Bottomline: It can be watched once for Surya’s outstanding performance.

Rating: 3/5