Subba Rao (Film Photographer)

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Subba Rao

Subba Rao, Film Photographer by proffesion, is currently working in Tollywood for movies like Money money more money, moksha.

Thus excerpts of his interview are followed through his voice.

“I was born in ravulapalem, a small village near west godvari district. Till 10th i studied in my village and for joining intermediate I shifted to Hyderabad. Here I stayed at my uncles house. Director Jithendra used to reside as neighbors.”

How you were you fascinated by photography?
Once when I took a snap of Jithendra’s daughter, he saw the shot and he was really impressed by my work. He appreciated me so much and inspired by saying that I have a hidden talent which when unleashed can make a bright future for me. I was totally inspired with his words, searching a normal freelancing photography work and joined at one such place as assistant.

How you started learning photography?
I learnt basics like focussing and ISO as i was an assistant under a freelancer. At that time there were maximum reel cameras, so photography was of some worth. I used to hold that stands and camera sets, observe them keenly and learnt lot of things about photography.

Then I entered into industry as a team boy. Holding and cleaning cameras as my work that time. 2 to 3yrs I was struggling the same way. Just tried to learn everything I got through. In the morning I use to go for film shoots and in the night for functions and marriages as cameraman.

Who helped you to learn photography?
I today stand here because of that director Jithendra, and as a learning part my guru balu sir. I learnt a lot from him. And then It was a hard struggle I faced, until thought of owning a camera stuck my mind.

Then it was a dream comes true when a camera came to my hand that was gifted to me by Urmila madam (production team head) and even the renowned personality sham benegal inspired me in my thoughts and gave me a good assistance.

What were the projects you worked in for? And what are your future projects?
I worked in movies like Money Money More Money, Moksha. I have offers but one after the other.

What kind of photography you like the most?
I love nature. I always carry my camera with me and take snap shots where ever I like to.

What do you suggest the new comer’s who are learning and approaching industry?
Studying photography is different from practical one. Whether you learnt or born talented industry wants the best.

The main aspect of photography is that single shot taken should be the best shot. Modern day digitals are designed so (even we can delete the scrap photos), that if a person is taking 10 shots and picking one as best from that doesn’t worth at all, as much as taking only one best shot that can be taken in a reel camera.

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