Sundeep Kishans Mahesh Coming Shortly

Published On: July 10, 2013   |   Posted By:

Sundeep Kishans Mahesh Movie Wallpapers

Sundeep Kishans ‘Mahesh’

Sundeep Kishan of ‘Routine Love Story’ fame is coming shortly with movie titled ‘Mahesh’. This is the dubbed version of Tamil hit ‘Yaruda Mahesh’. Dimple chopde is the heroine in ‘Mahesh’. Jagan, Sneha Ramesh, Vijay, Srinath, Livingston, Swaminathan, Singamutthu are in the support cast. R Madhan Kumar is the director.Musical score by Gopi Sinder. It is said to be a typical youthful entertainer. Suresh Kondeti is the producer on S K Pictures Banner.The movie is ready for release waiting for a release date.