Tadakha Movie Review

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Tadakha Movie Review :

Rating : 3/5

Cast : Naga Chaitanya, Sunil, Tamanna , Andrea Jermiah, Ashutosh Rana and others.

Directed by : Kishore Kumar Pardasani

Produced by : Bellamkonda Suresh

Story :

Kartik (Naga Chaitanya) and Siva Ramakrishna (Sunil) are brothers. Younger brother Kartik is fearless and dynamic whereas elder one Siva is a weak and cowardly. Right from childhood Kartik always gets the back of Siva and saves him from the brawls . When their father Nagababu who is a police officer dies of hear attack, Siva gets his father’s job where he takes charge as a Sub-inspector in a town which is ruled by a ruthless gangster Bagla(Ashutosh Rana). Cowardly Siva who could not fight against Bagla is backed by his brother Kartik and which makes Siva a hero in the minds of the people. Rest of the movie is about how does Siva and Kartik prevail in ending the rule of Bagla in the town.

Artist Performances :

Naga Chaitanya is the real highlight of the movie who simply steals the show. He dominated all the cast in the movie with his powerful performance. Sunil did a very good job as a cowardly police officer and he was very good in the emotional scenes. Heroines Andrea Jemiah and Tamanna Bhatia did not have much screen time but did their part very well and looked beautiful.

Technical Aspects :

Movie was made with decent budget and as result movie looked very good technically. Music of the movie is a big asset and background score was very engaging. Editing was not done that well at parts but overall it was good. On the whole movie was very good technically.


Movie starts off on an interesting note, it picks up the pace immediately and keeps audience engaged. First half of the movie is the combination of comedy, action and some romance. Viewers are not at all bored and it ends with a good bang. Second half also picks up the pace very fast and where the movie moves into the serious plot without any unnecessary scenes. Latter part of the 2nd half becomes a bit predictable but the climax is very well directed where the movie ends with an exciting and adrenaline pumping note.

On the whole Tadaka is the movie with pretty new story line which was directed exceptionally well. Screenplay of the movie is straight and to the point without any unwanted twists and flashbacks. Tadaka is perfect summer entertainer for the masses where families can also catch it up as it will not disappoint.