Tadakha’s style is up to beat the Heat

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Tadakha’s style is up to beat the Heat : 

Summer is already up and Tadakha is set up for release. The stars are seen in perfect summer colours and are ready to set the buzz of their summer modernistic  looks among the fans.The posters are definitely up to date giving a new tadakha even in fashion.

Naga Chaitanya is seen with cool hair cut  in spikes , making it more suitable the summer season.Its all about the cool factor in summer.The colours of  clothes are specifically light made it look comfy and absolutely perfect with shades.He is also sported with light coloured tshirts and denims which is every ones favorite.

The pairing of Naga Chaitanya and glamorous Tamanna looks high class in emerald colours in the sea side songs.Tamana  is dressed to kill with perfect neon colours which is  very impressive   .She is seen goldenrod attires  in posters .Along with it her pretentious  Feather earrings matching the attire  and making it look fabulous and light on the face.Tamana is wearing   paragon  ghagra in different colours is seen with embroided velvet and net sleeves in delicate fabrics.The hair cut is voluminousness and is shed to reflect the photogenic face and audience will be  fascinated at her beauty.

Sunil looks versatile as a police officer. He has possessed serious looks and is seen in checks tshirts. He has set a winning look in different roles from a comedy to serious.

Andrea Jeremiah is seen in a colourful draped sarees along with Tamana.The lovely actresses have added more  to the traditional side along with bright rainbow colors to the summer season.

Tadaka has set an up town dhamaka in songs and even its style is appealing to youngsters.