Tej I Love You Movie Review

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Tej I Love You Movie Review

Movie title:- Tej I Love You

Banner:-  Creative Commercials

Release date:-06.07.2018

Censor Rating:-“U”

Cast:-Sai Dharam Tej.Anupama Parameswaran



Dialogues:- Darling Swamy.

Directed by:- A.Karunakaran

Music:- Gopi Sunder

Lyricists:-Gosala Rambabu,Pothula Ravi Kiran,Sahithi,Ramajogayya Sastry,Rehman

Cinematography:- I.Andrew

Editing:- S R Sekhar iEditing

Art :-Sahi Suresh.

Stunts are by Venkat.

Producer:- K.S.Rama Rao

Run time:-145 minutes duration.

Sai Dharam Tej’s latest movie which is released today.Let us have a look at the story.


Tej(Sai Dharam Tej) does a crime in saving the life of a woman. He was imprisoned for 7 Years.The woman who was saved by Tej realizes that he did the crime only to save her and decides to help him. She wants to gift him part of her property. Her husband does not help her in this transaction.So she requests her daughter Nandini(Anupama Prameswaran) to help her in awarding property to Tej. Nandini who is in London comes to India to help her mother and to fulfill her wish.

Coming back to India Nandini accidentally meet Tej and falls in love.When she decides to express her love to Tej she meets with an accident. She forgets her past. What happened to their love?Could she recognize that Tej is the one who saved her Mother? To know the answers one has to see the movie on the silver screen.

This looks like routine  love story. Forgetting love and losing memory after getting involved in accidents is seen in many movies.So nothing new in the story.The director failed to focus the love story in a different way.No freshness and no much emotional scenes which could have  pumped in some interest in the audience.

Tej with fresh looks and decent action is impressive. Anupama has a some role to play and has done well the given role. The comedy is not that fresh to give relief after serious scenes.

Censor’s cleared the movie with “U” certificate.So one can watch with families.



Sai Dharam Teja action

Anupama Action


3 Songs by Gopi Sunder




This can be watched this weekend to see Tej with fresh looks and Anupama’s acting skills.