Venu Yeldandi

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venu yaldandi comedianVenu Yeldandi, a well-known comedian in Tollywood.

Today we are presenting glimpses of a face on interview with Venu

Tell us about yourself?

I was born in Srisilam. My father venkataya was a vegetable vendor. We are of total 5 siblings, I’m the youngest of all. I did my schooling from village itself but due to some reasons discontinued my intermediate. I was the only person who was a little literated from my family.

From childhood itself I was very talkative. I was well known for my comical nature among my friends. Not only comedy I also won National level competition award for “Shaolin Kung Fu” two times.

Then after, I came to Hyderabad to pursue my intermediate. But unknowingly lack of interest on studies pulled me back. I was alone in this big city. I used to sit near “Annapurna” studios gate for a trial. It took a long time for me.

How you entered into industry?

I struggled about a year unemployed in the city. Then I thought to stay in cinema artist’s hostel where I met Suresh who use to work in industry. He helped me to get into my path. After working for one and half year in the industry, I got a chance to work as an assistance director. Where I met with “Chitram-Seenu”, he liked my style of working. I learnt acting through my work, so after a long time I decided to do acting.

Comedy in particular is in declining stage in tollywood? True or false?

It’s all about the view of audience. In olden days people use to watch only a specific story lined movies. Everyobody is watching different kind of movies and in different languages. So we can conclude that they are expecting more sense of humor from the movies. They want to see innovative and creative things. I don’t think comedy level is decreasing but we are getting tough competition. We have to work hard, that’s all.

What is your ultimate goal? You worked as asst. director, so you have any idea of stepping into direction?

No am not opting for direction anymore. I want to be a good comedian, I want to make people happy, at least by making them laugh. My inspiration is Brahmanandam. I want people to appreciate my work and remember me as a good comedian.

Apart from acting what you do in your free time?

I normally spend free time with my friends. And I listen to music.

Do you think comedy shows can help industry to get new talents?

Yes. I believe there are lot of talented people who are looking for an opportunity to prove themselves. And comedy shows provide them a platform to achieve it. I do believe at least through comedy shows they will get an opportunity to get into industry.

Any suggestions for new comers?

Just carry the talent with an admixture of little sense of humor, particularly for comedy. And always try and try, never get disappointed.

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