Vijay Dharan

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Vijay Dharan, actor making his debut from the movie “Play” Directed by Krishna Varma.

Here are our conversation details.


My Native place is Kakinada. During my childhood, my father expired. I live with my mother here. I completed my Business Management degree from Andhra University.

How you inspired towards Cine field?

I am very much inspired by actor Tarun. His movie “Teja” was my initial inspiration.

Have you learnt any acting course?

I had done Theater arts under Natasha Chandra for 1 ½ year and I also did some plays in Ravindra Bharathi. I also learnt Stunts skills from Master suresh, gymnastics from raju.

How “Play” movie happen?

Director Krishna Varma conducted auditions for this movie and got selected. Role named Vijay is a lover boy. But as the movie goes on, the character shows many shades.

How was the working experience with cast and crew?

Everyone was dedicated to work and done a brilliant job for the movie. Director Krishna Varma had explained us the movie script really well which helped us to perform the characters with ease.  Though the Director and the actors are new to the screen they have done the work excellently.

Being a new comer you got the opportunity to work as a lead star in your first movie. How do you feel?

First of all I am very thankful to Director Krishna varma, who helped me to project myself and gave me the opportunity to work in his movie. As a new comer I struggled for an opportunity and for me, it took 8 years to get through. In the stating my family members didn’t support me, but later they understood my interest. Getting a lead role in your first movie is a “no words” experience. Not only this, I am happy that I tried my level best in the movie and I hope it didn’t disappoint my Director.

How confident are you about this movie?

Well, I am more confident on Krishna Varma and his script. He has a different story and his talent may fetch his fame to heights. According to me, this concept will definitely make a mark.

Does working in Theater Art helped you?

Yes, it helped me a lot. You have to deliver your dialogues with such strength that it should be audible to the person sitting in the last row of the auditorium. The experience of working under Natasha Chandra was really superior. The techniques which I learnt under her guidance helped me a lot in the industry.

Which are your favorite movies?

I like Rajnikanth garu movies. My other favorite movies are “Apadbhandavudu” (1992), “Swarnakamalam” (1989), “Geetanjali” (1989), Sindhooram(1997),  “Aithe” (2003), “Johnny” (2003).

Which are your favorite actors?

I am a big fan of Rajnikanth Garu, Venkatesh Garu, Pawan kalyan Garu.

 Your hobbies?

I like dancing, watching movies, reading books.

Favourite actress?

Kajol, Sri devi, Divya Bharathi.

Your upcoming projects?

Talks are in process with some directors which can’t be revealed at present.

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