Hemant Madhukar Interview

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Hemant Madhukar Interview

Chitchat with Hemant Madhukar, the director of Nishabdham

Anushka learnt international sign language for Nishabdham – Hemant Madhukar

How did Nishabdham materialize?

I wanted to make a thriller on the lines of Pushpaka Vimaanam. That is how the story, and plot of Nishabdham were conceptualized. I first narrated the story to Kona Venkat and he liked it. We then bought Anushka, and other actors on-board. But producers wouldn’t back an experimental silent film so I then wrote the dialogues and designed the lead characters in a new manner. Under Kona Venkat’s supervision, my story and additional dialogues turned major assets of the film and ghat is when People Media Factory, TG Vishwa Prasad garu came forward to produce the film. Kona Venkat garu agreed go co-produce the film and that is how Nishabdham started.

What’s the reason behind picking USA backdrop for the film?

In order to match the theme of the film, we wanted to shoot it in silent locations. Also, we wanted to give a new movie watching experience to the audience. Anushka will be seen as an American born Indian in this film. US based artists play key roles in this film. We roped in Hollywood actor Michael Madsen to give an authentic vibe to the film. Nishabdham could be the only Telugu film in recent times to have a Hollywood actor playing full-length role.

Actors like Anushka, Madhavan, Anjali and a few others are a part of the project, how was it to direct them?

I am a relatively small technician when compared to Anushka garu who had attained a whole lot of fame. But she never let her image get in the way and delivered whatever I wanted her to for the film. She learnt international sign language for the film. Even Madhavan prepared quite well for his role. Same is the case with Anjali as well. She underwent some special training to play American cop in the film. I need to say it was a bit challenging to direct an ensemble star cast, but their professionalism helped in ensuring a seamless shooting experience.

Speak about your association with People Media Factory and Kona Film Corporation

TG Vishwa Prasad garu, who runs People Media Factory believed in my story and spent big on the project. Shooting in the USA is a risky affair and we faced numerous challenges like visa allotment, location scouting, acquiring permission, etc. But the support that was given by our production team was invaluable. We wrapped up the shoot in just 55 days. I have been associated with Kona Venkat garu for over 15 years and I feel Kona Film Corporation is like a home banner to me.

Tell us about the background score of Nishabdham

It would be better if you experience the background score and music while watching the film than me explaining about it. I am expecting a great reception from the viewers. Cinematography by Shaneel Del, and music scored by, Girish, and Gopi Sundar compete with each other and are of top standards. This is the first time Gopi Sundar is scoring music for a suspense thriller.

How do you feel about your film premiering on Amazon Prime Video?

Amazon Prime is providing ample entertainment to people in these testing times, amidst a pandemic. Amazon Prime representatives were very satisfied after watching the film. I strongly believe OTT wouldn’t affect theatrical business.

– Nishabdham will be premiering on Amazon Prime on October 2nd, 2020. I suggest those watching the film on laptops and mobile phones to use headphones or earphones for a good experience. Also, refrain from fast forwarding the film as it should be enjoyed as a package.