Raja Kota Rahasyam Movie Review

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Rajakota Rahasyam Movie Stills

Raja Kota Rahasyam Movie Review 

Cast – Prashanth, Pooja Chopra, Sneha , Prakash Raj, Khushboo.

Director – Thyagarajan

Producer – Gogineni Balakrishna

Music Director – Maestro Illayaraja

Review: The movie Raja Kota Rahasyam starring actor Prashanth in a dual role is the dubbed version of the historical tamil movie ‘Ponnar Shankar’ which was released in the year 2011. The tamil version was critically acclaimed and was declared a hit. The movie, with its nicely weaved story, many popular stars playing the lead roles and its humungous and beautiful sets is sure to impress the telugu audiences as well.

Story: The story being historical, revolves around three kings, Raghunatha Varma, Seshendra Varma and Madhusudana Maharaju.These three kings peacefully rule their respective kingdoms for a very long time. One day they decide to get Veerendra Varma ( played by Prakash Raj)  the son of Seshendra Varma married to Syamala Devi ( played by Khushboo) who happens to be Madhusudana Maharaju’s daughter. Syamala Devi who is by that time deeply involved with her cousin Madana Murthy after learning this, elopes with him.

She then gives birth to twins. Meanwhile Veerendra Varma who still holds a grudge on Syamala Devi gets Raghunatha Varma to believe that these sons are a threat to his life. He sends for Rajanna (played by Raj Kiran ) to kill the twins. Everyone believes that they are dead. Rajanna meanwhile raises the twins as his own sons  and they grow up into two handsome men Akash and Prakash (both played by Prashanth). How they learn their past and avenge Veerendra Varma is the rest of the movie. Pooja Chopra and Divya Parameswaran have a small role to play as the daughters of a certain king Mahendra Varma who are rescued by Akash and Prakash.

Technicalities: The effort put in by the art department in creating the amazingly beautiful sets and the costumes must definitely be appreciated and remains to be the highlight of the movie. The cinematography by Shaji Kumar is notable. The story which was given by Karunanidhi was good where as the director did a moderate job in making the movie. The background music composed by Maestro Illayaraja was very good although the songs are just ok.

Rating: 3/5