Doosukeltha movie Audio release Live Feed

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Doosukeltha movie Audio release Live Feed


10:35:- Lakshmi Manchu thanked each and every one who attended the event.

10:32:- Dasari Narayana Rao released the first  CD and it is being received by Raghavendra Rao. The posters are being designed by Dhani Yele.

10:18:- Dr. Dasari Narayana Rao is speaking about Mohan Babu. He said that he is very happy to attend this event. He praised Mr. Mohan Babu. He said that every one will like Mohan Babu  if they meet him once in their life. He also said that the three generations of  Manchu family are present on the stage. He praised the hero Vishnu and also Manoj. He said that any star to become popular lies in the hands of the director. He said that “D” is lucky even for Mohan Babu. Later he praised the director Veeru Potla. He said that this movie will be a good hit.  He said that the heroine has a very good future.

10:13:- Dr.M.Mohan Babu thanked each and everyone who graced the event and also praised the hero Vishnu. He invited Dasari Narayana Rao, Giri Babu, Ali, B.Gopal, Hansika, Srinu Vytla, Raghavendra Rao, Tarun, Varun Sandeh  and all the cast and crew of the film on to the stage. Lakshmi Manchu said that the audio will be released  through Junglee in the market.

10:09:- Cameraman Sarvesh thanked everyone for their support and trailer was launched.

10:07:– Heroine of the movie Lavanya Tripati also thanked everyone for their help and make her learn many things during the making of the movie.

10:05:- Director Veeru Potla is speaking about the movie and thanked the cast and crew for their co-operation.

10:02:- Manchu Vishnu has invited Manchu Manoj and Lavanya Tripati to launch the trailer.

9:56:- Now Vishnu is speaking about his relationship with his family members and his well wishers for their support and also  Prem Rakshat for helping him improve dancing.

9:51:- The fifth song is  “Paatalu Paade Shivude” is also being launched.

9:50:- The fourth song is “Modati Sari Ninnu Choostunna” is being launched.

9:47:- Manchu Lakhmi called Mr.B.Gopal, Sunil and Dasarath  on to the stage to launch the fourth song. Sunil is Speaking about the director and the producer of the film.

9:44:- Lyricist Srimani thanked director for giving him the opportunity, Then hero Tanish and hero Varun Sandesh spoke about their relationship with Mohan Babu and thanked him for giving opportunity in the next movie and wished Doosukeltha team a big success.

9:40:- Brahmanandam is talking about Mohan Babu and then about director Veeru Potla  and said that he is a committed person and perfectionist.He wished  Doosukeltha to be a super duper hit.

9:34:– To launch next song Brahmanandam, Varun Sandesh and Srimani were invited on to the stage and they have launched the song.

 9:31:- Manchu Manoj has taken over anchoring from Lakshmi Manchu and told audiences to imitate him and repeat whatever he is doing.

9:25:- Sweekar is singing the song ‘2010 Summer Lo’.

9:24:-  actor Raghu Babu is speaking about Manchu Vishnu and also wished him a good success.

9:20:- Ali Is speaking about Mohan Babu.

9:16 :– The third Song is being launched by Ali, Director Srinu Vytla and Ramajogayya Sastry. Srinu Vytla and Ramajogayya Sastry wished the hero Vishnu a good luck. The lyricist  sang the song Appudappudu Nenu Manchipanule Chestanu Conditioins Of Life.

9:00:-  Then a small comedy sequence is going on to entertain audience by imitating Veeru Potla and Mohan Babu.

8:55:– Dasari Narayana Rao, Brahmanandam, Srinu Vialtla , Varun Sandesh and Sunil have graced this event.

8:50:-Geetha Madhuri and Rahul are singing the next song.Manchu Manoj has participated in the song by doing some steps.

8:45:- Then second song was launched by Paruchuri Gopalakrishna. and he spoke about Mohan babu.

8:40:- Then a medley was presented.

8:34:-  Director Raghavendra Rao launched the CD of the movie . Manchu Vishnu, Lavanya Tripati And Manchu Lakshmi are also present on the stage.

8:35: The First song Appudapudu Nenu Manchi panulu Chehstuntanu is being released followed by the making of the song.

8:32:-Then a small video clipping about Manchu Vishnu and his journey in Tollywood is shown.

8:31:- A audio visual about Mohan babu is screened.

8:30:- She is talking about movie director and told that she is waiting for ‘Bindas-2’ under his direction and she talked about Vishnu and his journey in Tollywood .

8:28:- Lakshmi Manchu,  Manchu Vishnu’s wife, Hansika, Lavanya Tripati, Sakshi Chowdary have lighted the diya and started the programme. Manchu Vishnu’s twin daughters were also present at the occasion.

8:25:-Lakshmi Manchu is anchoring the show , she is wearing a beautiful pink designer saree.

8:20 :-Doosukeltha movie audio launch has started just now.