Jeevana Tharangalu Celebrate 40 years of Release

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jevana-300Jeevana Tharangalu.. released on 31.08.1973(40 years)

‘Jeevana Tharangalu’ was released on 31st of August 1973,exactly on this day 40 years back.This is a serious family story with love,affection and family sentiments presented well on the celluloid with most experienced actors in the lead roles.We are presenting the details of the movie.

Movie title :- Jeevana Tharangalu
Banner: – Suresh Productions
Rlease date: – 31.08.2013
Cast :- Sobhan Babu,Krishnam Raju,Chandra Mohan,Gummadi,Vanisri,Lakshmi,Anjali Devi
Directed by :- Thatineni Rama Rao
Lyrics :- Dr.C Narayana Reddy
Music :- J V Raghavulu
Photography :- S Venkata Ratnam
Producer :- D Rama Naidu

Jeevana Tharangalu was a big hit at box-office.The music composed by J V Raghavulu added extra flavour to this strong family sentimental drama.
The starting lyrics for the melodious songs are given below.
1.“Ee Andaniki Bandham Vesanokanaadu” Singers:- Ghantasala and P. Susheela
2.”Ee Jeevana Tarangalalo Aa Devuni Chadarangamlo” singer: – Ghantasala
3.”Nandamaya Guruda Nandamaya” Singer: – L R Easwari
4.”Puttina Roju Panduge Andariki” Singer: P.Suseela
5. “Thenchu kuntava Unchukuntava:” Singers: – P. Susheela and L. R. Eswari
6. “Uduta Uduta Huth Ekkadikelatavochi” Singer: – Ghantasala

The movie is completing 40 years of its remember all those involved in making this movie a great success.We also congratulate the most popular Producer dr.D.Rama Naidu on this happy occasion.