Pawanism movie Launched

Published On: August 12, 2013   |   Posted By:


‘Pawanism’ is an upcoming movie based on how Pawan Kalyan’s fans can bring positive changes in the society if they determine to do so. E.K.Chaitanya is directing and Shyam Sreen is producing this movie under Dharmasastrey Films banner. Sudheer, Sindu and Mahi are playing lead roles in this movie.

This movie was lanuched in Hyderabad on 11th August and director’s father Nagaraju has switched on the camera and Nagababu has clapped for the muhooratham shot. Harinath Reddy has done the honorary direction for the shot. Director said “ The word Pawanism is there in news from many days and that is why he opted that word for the title. We are planning to release this movie teaser on September 5th on Pawan Kalyan’s birthday. This movie will be completed in three schedules and will be released in December.”

Regular shooting of this movie will start in one week. Nagababu, M S Narayana, Chandramohan, Saptagiri, Phani are the other cast in this movie. Kanishka is composing music for this movie and camera will be handled by Satish Mutyala. Art by Bhaskar Reddy and stunts by Rambabu.