The growing demand of Studio Screens

Published On: June 19, 2013   |   Posted By:

Studio screens

The competition of making or producing a movie in this cut throat industry had always been well advocated and covered. However, to lure in a prospective buyer among mid-level projects the producer chooses to showcase his movie before the release. There are three prominent labs or places in the city where the producer can think of previewing the show-Prasad Labs, Rama Naidu Studios and Film Chamber which are well equipped. However, the main problem is to get a theater at specified time and date to showcase the movie, the demand for these lab screens is so high. The screens have to be booked at least two weeks in advance to play the movie as they are invariably booked and blocked throughout the year. The prices of these studio screens are as follows-

Name of the Studio
Advance booking
Prasad Labs
Two Weeks Notice
Rama Naidu
Two Weeks Prior
Film Chamber
Ten Days Prior